About Me

Hi everyone! I loveeeee baking, and I've been baking orders for a while now. My loyal customers have been asking me to go on the web forever, but with the recent pregnancy and work demands, it wasn't possible until now. My oven's currently still closed (still adjusting life with the new baby).. but it'll be open again soon! To interested customers, thank you for being so patient with me... I will let you know once the status changes... Toodle-licious!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi everyone!!! I've moved to 


See you there!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bad News Guys....

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the extremely long silence... my blog faced some problems that needed to be resolved. After months of trying, I eventually gave up! Hehe. It's just easier to move to another site.

So here it is, I've moved to - www.teatimewithliza.wordpress.com

I'll be taking this site down soon.. so I do hope to see you on the other side!!

See you soon :).... Toodle-licious!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Is My Specialty...

Haha... turns out this is the only picture of my pies that I've ever taken! (Note: Need more pie photos in future.) This was a fruit pie.. can't remember exactly what the filling was.. could've been apple, pineapple or peach. Even though I love baking cakes, my specialty items are pies (especially the chicken mushroom pie!). The pastry dough is also homemade, not store-bought :). Try it sometime! Toodle-licious!

Giant Ketupat For Hari Raya 2008

This was for our company's Raya Open House 2008. The big square cake was vanilla with buttercream frosting, while the two smaller squares and the top part of the "ketupat" was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. This cake was so huge, it needed two persons to carry it! Alhamdulillah, it was a big hit, but many people still didn't get to taste them (myself included! Aw, shucks!). Thank you very much for giving me the honour to bake for this joyous event! Toodle-licious!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For My Prince & Princess..

A colleague ordered this for her two kids.. double-layered vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Hope they enjoyed it! Toodle-licious!

Hmm... A Decadently Chocolatey Treat...

Another decadent treat for myself (yet I keep wondering why I can't lose weight! Hahaha)... a chocolate cake with walnuts, topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream... hmmm... chocolatey.......Toodle-licious!

Simple 'n' Sweet.. For The Long Service Awardees..

An order for the Long Service Award event at my company. Was very honored they asked me to bake for this event. I like these designs - sweet and simple. I think they're perfect for any occasion! Plus, they can be tailored to almost any color scheme :). Toodle-licious!

A Baked Cheesecake With Dark Cherries Topping

Yummm... a dense baked cheesecake with dark cherries topping... Other fruit toppings are also available, but subject to fruit availability. Want blueberry topping instead? Can.... Strawberries? Also can... No toppings? Then I'll leave it bare... It's up to you! Toodle-licious!

The Manchester United Challenge

Need I explain more?? :) A vanilla cake for a Manchester United fan, ordered by his friend. I was pretty worried when I first got this order, since I've never done such a complicated design before. Not even sure how the Man U logo looked like exactly! With the logo printout in one hand, and an icing-filled piping bag in the other, I set to work. Yep, free-hand all the way baby! Glad this didn't turn out too horribly, and the Man U fan gave me his seal of approval. Alright! Toodle-licious!

From Kelate With Love...

This was a last minute order from my aunt in Kelantan. No, I didn't actually post them over to Kelate! Hehe.. that would be cupcake suicide! She was here for my cousin's wedding, and she wanted to bring these back home. With limited time and resources, I'm glad that the cuppies still turned out quite alright :). These babies had to travel back by plane, so I stuck a piece of tape underneath each cupcake. Haha.. my cheap solution worked out just fine! I do hope in the future, I get to provide customers with custom-made boxes from Sugar 'n' Butter, with specially designed holes for cupcakes! But till then, this would have to do :). Thanks Che Cik for the order! Toodle-licious!